Delivery Rider – Randstad – Apeldoorn


Getting around town on your bike with the sun on your face and getting paid to do it. Who wouldn’t want that? As a bike courier at in Apeldoorn you work with awesome colleagues. You can decide about your work schedule. And don’t forget that you can save on your gym subscription. As a delivery rider of meal’s you get your daily exercise. Read on and apply!

what we offer

  • €6.63 – €11.16 per hour (depending on your age)
  • A flexible job! Plan your own shifts
  • Step-up, become Driver Captain
  • Travel allowance for the use of your own bike
  • Fun colleagues
  • Did you receive a tip? Keep it, it’s all yours!

who are you

As a meal’s delivery rider you will be working independently. You are at your best when you are working outdoors and making others happy with your service. Your work is useful and you feel the appreciation. You do not need any further qualifications or experience. The only thing you need to qualify for is:

  • You are available at least 2 evenings per week (1 evening Monday-Thursday and 1 evening Friday-Sunday);
  • You have a smartphone with internet and a power bank;
  • You are 16 years or older;
  • You speak Dutch and/or English;
  • Your own bike. Don’t have an own bike? With this job comes a generous kilometer allowance. This can be used to rent a bike from Swapfiets!

what will you do

As a delivery rider of meal’s you start your day from home. Today you have a shift of four hours, excellent. Through the app on your phone you can see at which restaurant you have to pick up your order. While waiting you check your social media. You can chat with colleagues who are also waiting for an order. You take the order from the restaurant and get back on your bike. Off to the customer! Luckily you get paid hourly so you don’t have to race. This way you can enjoy the sun and see a lot of the city. The customer is thrilled to see you when you’re at the door. Did you get a tip from the customer? You can keep that for yourself. That’s only fair.. Ready for the next order?

where will you work

You’ll be working for That’s a super fun workplace. You can get to meet new people and get to explore the city of Apeldoorn. The city is easily accessible. At it’s possible to develop into a supervisory position, such as driver captain for example. Did something happen on the way? Then there’s a whole support team for you available. That way you’re never alone!

  • A gross hourly wage of €11.16 (21 and over)
  • 8.33% vacation allowance & vacation pay and days;
  • Separately, a mileage allowance per kilometer cycled: €0.10 for a regular bike and €0.19 for an electric bike.
  • Efficiency bonus: If you do well, you can earn up to €3.75 extra per hour on top of your salary!
  • Working hour bonus up to €1.00 per hour

job application

Are you interested in working for Thuisbezorgd? Then we’d love to get to know you better! Apply without motivation or CV using the button below. We will contact you by phone within one working day. Do you have any questions? Feel free to call, app or email us. We would be very happy to help you!

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